1953 Corvette

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What has been defined as Passion is what can only be, without question, Dave Ressler. Throughout his life, Ressler has chased his Dreams with a relentless dedication to capture the very essence of what will become a Legacy.

Ressler has brought together the finest Corvette Collection the world has ever seen. With the oldest production Corvette in existence (VIN #003) stabled among the most unique and rarest of Corvettes, the Ressler collection is astonishing. With the throttle wide open, Ressler’s passion is what has set him apart and stands alone.

The man behind this impressive Corvette collection has always had a passion for cars. His interest grew from buying fixer-uppers, repairing and cleaning them up for resale when still a teenager to eventually owning his own dealerships in North Dakota and Montana not that many years later. He grew up in Mandan, North Dakota, where his father had been a car salesman for 25 years at Chase Chevrolet. Read more of Dave’s story>>